The Swiss institutional investor market is a very fragmented market and different to the European market with respect to the legal environment and the requirements of institutional investors. The Swiss market belongs to the largest markets in Europe, with more than 2000 pension funds (CHF 620bn AuM), more than 200 insurance companies, more than 100 family offices and many institutional intermediaries like banks and asset managers and last but not least more than 2000 wealth managers.
Entering the Swiss market requires professional access whilst understanding the needs and requirements of potential investors in order to deliver an optimal sales approach.

Access Partners offers the following services:

  • Product analysis, peer group comparison, SWOT analysis
  • Product development e.g. matching investor criteria, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Market entry research, including definition of target clients and estimated sales figures
  • Advisory on publications, marketing material, investor communication and online content
  • Provide market intelligence, e.g. spotting new trends and regulatory demands
  • Strategic partnership search