We represent a valuable link between asset managers and investors.
When we are convinced of the “added value” of a product and when the product itself and the asset manager has passed our review process, we start with our three phases sales process:

Phase 1 – Sales Preparation

We analyse the unique value proposition of the products, make peer group comparisons, review the sales materials, adjust it for the Swiss market were required and define the sales strategy, including target clients.
A special co-operation with one of our partners offers you the possibility to integrate with the asset managers organisation. This allows us to understand the organization and the investment process in all details and allows us to become a competent and service oriented sales organization towards institutional investors.

Phase 2 – Implement the Sales Strategy

Publish editorial articles, visit target clients (150 – 200/year), present the product, execute client events, participate in financial fairs, organize due diligence meetings, assist the asset manager in preparing RFP’s/DDQ’s, organise video conferences and service the investor.
A special co-operation with one of our partners offers you the possibility to integrate your funds, which are already approved for public distribution in Switzerland, into existing distribution agreements, which will save you two years time-to-market.
Our location is a fully equipped office in the centre of Zurich, which also can be used for one-on-one meetings and client presentations.

Phase 3 – Reporting and qualified feedback to the Asset Manager

All our activities and even more importantly, the comments of Investors regarding the product and the manager themsleves, will be periodically reported to the Asset Manager. All our visits, telephone calls, information about the representation of the Asset Manager at the Investors, etc. will be stored in our state of the art Client Relationship Management System. All data is accessible for the Asset Manager.

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