We have a responsibility to prospective investors to understand their investment philosophy and process. We actively seek their co-operation in order to have a genuine dialogue to address their investment needs. This dialogue allows us to build scenarios featuring potential Asset Managers that up until now, may not have had exposure in Switzerland, despite an excellent track record.


We like to focus on those Asset Managers, who demonstrate strong innovation in their chosen area of expertise, as well as strategies that have a broad investment appetite and capacity to invest.
Access Partners uses a stringent fund selection process, much like that of a sophisticated investor, centred around comprehensive due diligence including background checks and performance testing. In addition our team spends significant time with the manager in order to understand the investment and risk management process.

Information Sharing

We serve as a conduit of information by keeping our clients appraised of the latest industry intelligence, changing terms and conditions, and by identifying and introducing attractive emerging managers. We facilitate the exchange of new ideas by sponsoring educational forums, engaging institutional investors in conference speaking assignments and sharing our market research openly.
We operate as an extension of the Investor capabilities and provide all the necessary information and reporting requirements.

Commitment to our Investors

We are deeply committed about offering professional Investors the right strategy in order to create genuine long-term partnerships.
We maintain our valued relationships with our Investors network, independently of any transaction and provide professional and responsive services. We consider this commitment of paramount importance to the integrity of our business.