Access Partners vision is to create a real alignment of interest between Swiss investors and their respective Asset Managers by positioning the right investment strategies that best meet investors themes.

We strive to find the right solutions that ultimately lead to financial success and long-term client relationships on both sides.


Access Partners targets those Asset Managers that represent the greatest value for Swiss institutional investors with long-term investment horizons.

Our structured selection process seeks out leading investment strategies delivering strong sustainable results with risk-adjusted performance, either against a benchmark, or offering absolute or non-correlated returns.
We then provide comprehensive business support and share these investment strategies with our investment community.

Values & Responsibilities

Access Partners takes an ethical approach to its business.
We only work with Asset Managers that are regulated and operate legally authorised investment vehicles and that are in the best commercial interest of Swiss investors based on their respective investment theme.
Access Partners is compensated by the Asset Managers, primarily based on success.
We only select those Asset Managers, which demonstrate the highest standard of integrity within their business practise, providing transparency whilst adhering to compliance and risk management in their process and dealings with partners.
Access Partners is pleased to source Asset Managers that have signed specific charters against the use of arms, or those which adhere to responsible investment standards.